Hey friends! The Damage Dudes here again. How’s your summer been so far? Ours has been pretty good, thanks for asking! We’ve been laying super low while we work on our shitty tans and try not to get burnt to a crisp in Toronto. We also visited some family and had many a backyard bbq.

What else….OH! We also began demoing for a new album! While we wait for Battered Lives to make us our cool million, we’ve also been writing up a batch of new songs and will try to stick to our one-release-a-year policy. Keep your eyes open…you may see some teaser stuff before you know it!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the warm weather, grab your copy of Battered Lives (or, if you’ve been sleeping like a salty dog, head on over to our Bandcamp, and buy one!), rip it loud and come out to see us in September when we play with two of Canada’s most illustrious punk bands: THE VAPIDS in Hamilton and CHIXDIGGIT in Toronto.