We just picked up the vinyl version if Battered Lives and they look sexy as hell! Here’s our bass ripper, Jon, showing them off for all to see.

Jon and record

Ordering’s still up at our bandcamp! Go there, order the record, and we should have it shipped out by the end of May/early June.


We’re also supremely stoked to be hitting the road out to Montreal’s Pouzza Fest this weekend! It’s always an amazing time, and this year we’ll be playing a couple warm up shows with our buds in The Raging Nathans and The Slow Death. Will Josh get angry at Jon? Will Brad never be able to chunder again!? WILL CURTIS HAVE POUTINE!?!? Only one way to find out: come out and party!!

Toronto: Smiling Buddha with Break Anchor, The Raging Nathans, The Slow Death, Threes

Ottawa: House Of Targ with The Raging Nathans, The Slow Death, Neck, Chloroform

Montreal: Pouzza Fest Sunday at Theater Ste-Catherine with Drug Church