Hey Goobers! Thanks for making this past year a fucking wild one. To all our amazing friends we met in Europe, to playing with some of the sweetest bands making the most beautiful noise in North America, to seeing and partying and playing shows with new friends and old ones, this year goes down as one of the best years we’ve had as a band.

BUT WAIT! We’re not done! Just done playing shows for now. We’re going to hole up in our music cave and blast out another full length for you all to jam. Keep your eyes and ears open, as we’ll be posting a bunch of progress stuff along the way.

So until then, party hard, be wasted, and get weird, pals.



Well, this is it folks. In 2 days we fly out to Europe to party with our friends Ratbones and bounce along foreign highways towards Punk Rock Raduno. If you’re reading this, and you’re anywhere near these dates, come on our and party. We promise it’ll be worth your while.

See you soon, Europe dudes! Your ears and our livers aren’t ready.


In a little over a month, we’ll be hitting Europe on our way to play Punk Rock Raduno and we’re fucking pumped! We have five shows lined up before the festival so there’s ample time for anyone to watch us make fools of ourselves.

July 8 – Winterthur, Switzerland @ Casa Del Luc

July 9 – Freiburg, Germany @ Slow Club

July 10 – Innsbruck, Austria @ Jelly Fish

July 11 – Vienna, Austria @ Kramladen

July 12 – Graz, Austria @ Sub

July 13-16 – Bergamo, Italy @ PUNK ROCK RADUNO!!

See you at the party, dudes!